5 Tips to Select El Paso Movers

Choosing the right moving company is crucial for your move. They will take care of your items and transport them to your new location, so make sure you spend quality time searching for the best “El Paso movers near me.” 

A reputable and experienced company will ensure your items arrive on time, provide accurate quotes, handle your things with care and be transparent with you. Their customer service should be top-notch so that you can inquire about the status of your items.

Moving day can be full of challenges, so plan your move and select your mover in advance. Planning a moving process only takes a couple of hours and can help to save time and money in the long run. You will want to vet potential moving companies and choose the best three movers.

The following are 5 tips to help you select the best El Paso Mover:

  1. Ask Your Friends & Research Online 
  2. Rule of Threes
  3. Notice the Red Flags
  4. Look for License, Registration and Certifications
  5. Verify the Address


Ask Your Friends & Research Online 

Search the internet for “moving services near me.” Ask your friends or colleagues who have recently moved somewhere or know of a moving company that can fit your budget and needs. 

Get help from your family members to look for a mover with at least 15 years of experience in the packing and moving industry.

Rule of Threes

Don’t settle for the first company name or quote you receive. While asking for a quote, make sure that you ask for a home survey since no company can give you a thorough estimate without seeing your stuff. 

You will get free estimates when you visit the potential moving company website. You can also call them to discuss your needs and requirements. Compare at least three quotes before selecting one mover for an excellent moving experience. 

Notice the Red Flags

Most local moving companies have a standard procedure of business. For example, reputable moving companies won’t ask for an upfront cash deposit before moving. Instead, keep an eye on how the mover’s rep treats you while estimating or answering your concerns. 

If they show up late, can’t answer your questions or withhold information regarding the move, then start looking for other companies. A professional company will have its own trucks, equipment and team. 

Look for License, Registration and Certifications

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues a U.S. DOT number to interstate movers. Texas Department of Motor Vehicles says, “Don’t Make A Move Without Us!” By law, Texas movers must be licensed with the TXDMV. 

So, if you are moving out of state, make sure that you verify the moving company’s license through the FMCSA. If you are looking for local movers, make sure you look for the TXDMV number. 

Verify the Address

Search for their business online on Google Maps to see if their company name matches the address. Please make sure the moving company’s address mentioned on their website is listed and registered under the company names on Google. Be wary of a company whose address is listed under a residential name.


If you are looking for moving and packing services, and a good van line to help you move, research online. A professional moving company will move your heavy furniture without damaging it or your home. Moving is more complicated than it looks, so get free quotes from movers in advance.

Establish a move date so your moving process can be booked and you can have a stress-free relocation. Whether moving to El Paso, TX or moving out of El Paso, follow these tips to select the best El Paso Mover.