How to Choose The Best El Paso Local Movers

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Your goal is to make your move simple and streamlined. Look for a range of services and top-level customer care, also understand that researching the moving process can be tough, that’s why we want to help walk you through how to choose.
The points we go in-depth on include:

  • Use of the Internet for quick research
  • Go to friends and family for trustworthy references
  • Research reviews to get a feel for their reputation
  • Ensure that moving company is properly licensed
  • Learn about the services they each provide
  • Speak with moving company representatives so you can determine how they communicate
  • Start getting your quotes

With these tips, you’ll be able to start your move with confidence.

Planning a move can be a whirlwind. Even one of the first steps, finding the best local mover, can seem incredibly complex. There are many local movers and storage companies to choose from, and it can be tough to understand the differences between them. We want to make that process clear for you so that you can keep your move stress-free and enjoyable.

Search Engines are a Great Tool to Find Local Movers

You’re just a click away from the best local mover near you.

vHow to Choose The Best El Paso Local MoverHow to Choose The Best El Paso Local Movers

The most efficient way to research, using search engines such as Google will give you access to tons of information. Searching phrases such as “local movers El Paso, TX,” “local moving company near me” or “local moving company in El Paso, TX” will help you find a variety of options.

There are other third-party options for searching for local movers. HomeAdvisor, the Better Business Bureau and ThreeBestRated can give you more curated lists for local movers near you.

Find Local References for Local Movers

Friends and family are a great source for references of moving companies.

While those third sites are reliable, there’s nothing quite as trustworthy as your friends and family, who you know will be honest about their past moving experiences. Of course, not everyone knows someone who has used a moving company lately. So if you’re looking to get references from people in your local area, and don’t have people you know to ask, reputable movers will be happy to provide you with references from past customers.

Read Reviews

Listen to what past customers have to say about their experiences with local movers.

The best way to get a feel for a local mover is to look at their customer reviews. You’ll want to take into account the rating that each person gives the company, what they write in their review, and how many reviews a moving company has received. You’ll especially want to read how the moving company has responded to negative reviews. This tells a lot about their management. This will help you better understand your local movers’ levels of expertise and customer service.

Check Out Credentials

Make sure to only work with local movers that have the proper licensing.

Any moving company that you work with should be fully-licensed and certified. They should also be on file with the Department of Transportation. If you can’t find a movers license numbers, be sure to ask for them.

Look Into What Services They Offer

Do research on their website and ask them to explain exactly what they can offer you.

How to Choose The Best El Paso Local Movers

Your move is likely unique, that’s why you need to find out what moving services are offered by each company so that you know that they can handle your move. If you have something of high value such as a piano or pool table, something fragile like an antique, or are in need for any specific requirements, you’ll want to confirm that your local movers have the ability to handle these.

Understand Your Mover’s Level of Communication

The last thing that you want is to be left in the dark.

You’ll want to stay in the loop through the entire process, and some moving companies just don’t have the level of customer service that is needed for completely open and timely communication.

Be sure to speak directly with your movers every step of the way so that you get an understanding of how clear they are with you, how fast they reply, and how well they treat you. This should give you insight on how they’ll communicate with you in the days leading up to the move.

Get Estimates

Now that you have a narrower list of local mover options, it’s time to get a few estimates.

The first thing to consider when getting quotes is whether they provide virtual options. It’s understandable not to be completely comfortable letting someone new in your home these days, so for many, there may be appeal in having your in-home-estimate over video chat, right on your phone.

Another note is to get at least three quotes. This will ensure that you’re getting a fair price. We hope this helps. Enjoy your new home!