How to Save Money While Moving in El Paso

How to Save Money While Moving in El Paso

It’s true that moving can be costly, whether it’s local or long-distance from El Paso. For the ultimate in convenience and to make sure all of your items arrive in good condition, you can’t beat a professional moving company. But no matter how you move, there are things you can do that help you save money.
One factor is when you move. Most people move in the late spring or in summer. That means the law of supply and demand comes into play, and the price will be higher. Also, if you can, move early in the week, and in the middle of the month. Prices are generally higher for weekend moves. The more flexible you can be on when you move, the more money you can potentially save.
But that’s not all you can do. There are lots of easy ways to save money while moving in El Paso, so read on!

1. Pack Yourself

If you’re confident about your packing skills for even the most delicate items, you can save some money.

2. Save Money on Packing Supplies

Use things like sheets, towels, t-shirts, etc. to fill gaps in boxes and even wrap items. Use newspapers, and save packing materials from any items you ordered online. If you decide to buy packing materials, shop around as prices vary wildly. El Paso moving companies will be a great place to start.

3. Look for Free Boxes

Look around your place of work, behind strip malls, etc. Also check sites like Craigslist. You can also buy boxes locally in El Paso and online.

4. Sort Your Possessions

We all have stuff we don’t need or want, and this can be an excellent time to unclutter. Put items in piles to keep, donate, sell in a garage sale or online, or throw away before you even pack the first box. Don’t forget to keep your donation receipts so you can claim tax deductions!

5. Compare Moving Companies

Not all El Paso movers are created equal. Look for customer reviews, professional certifications, awards, and proper licensing.

6. Use a Moving Checklist

Your moving company can supply this, or you can find one online that can keep you organized. An organized move is a much less expensive move.

7. Check for Cancellations

If you have a really flexible moving date, call some El Paso moving companies and find out if they have had any cancellations. You can often negotiate your best price.

8. Move Small Items Yourself

If you are moving locally move small and light items yourself on foot, in your car, or on a bicycle.

9. Pack Your Boxes as Full as Possible

And be sure to put heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on top instead of a box just full of heavy items.

10. Think About Renting Containers

This is an option for a mostly do-it-yourself move. Your movers will send large containers to your current location, and you load your items yourself. When the container is full, the company will transport it to your new address. You will have to unload and unpack your items yourself. When you’re done, you call the moving company to pick up their containers.

11. Rent a Moving Truck

This is a total do-it-yourself job. You rent a moving truck, you pack it, you drive it, and you accept all liability. You also have to find people to help load and unload.

12. Ship Your Books

Books are heavy and can be bulky. The least expensive way to ship them is via Media Mail with the US Post Office. You can ship 70 lbs. of books for $40. This can really save on a Long-Distance move.

13. Don’t Pick the Mover with the Lowest Bid

A low bid can indicate low-quality work, which means you could end up with your belongings arriving late or broken. This means spending money to replace them. Also, sometimes the low bid mover adds on costs when they show up. Choose a reputable El Paso firm who has a bid somewhere in the middle.

14. Cancel Utilities

For non-essentials like cable TV, find out when your billing cycle ends and cancel accordingly. When you get to your final destination, shop around for services and see which company offers the best deal for your needs.

15. Pack a Box of Necessities

Pack a box of daily necessities and/or emergency supplies. That means you don’t have to go out and purchase a new bottle of Advil because the box you packed the bathroom items in is at the back of the moving truck.

16. Get Friends and Family to Help

If it’s in the budget, professional packing is really the way to do it, but if you need to save money, call on your friends and family members to help pack, and if you’re doing a DIY move, they can help load the truck.

17. Understand Moving Charges

Most El Paso movers will charge extra fees for stairs, fuel surcharges, long carry charges, packing materials etc. There’s nothing usual with these charges, but you should be sure to ask your moving company about them and understand what they are for. If you understand them you can know where you can save money.

18. Have the Movers Just Move Your Furniture for a Local Move

Furniture is a pain to move just across a room, much less moving it out of your house, apartment, or office. There’s a risk of damage if you do it yourself, and how did they get that piano in there, anyway? Hire professionals to move your furniture and move your boxes on your own in your vehicle.
Moving is never cheap, but these tips should help you save where you can. Happy moving!