Three Alternatives To Two Men and a Truck in El Paso

You may be familiar with the fastest growing franchise moving company that is based in Lansing, MI, Two Men and a Truck. Their organization owns 380 franchises worldwide which puts 3,000 trucks on the road each day, and they were just sold in July 2021 to ServiceMaster Brands. But, because you deserve a choice in what moving company is best for you, we compiled a list of three alternative moving companies, that are family-owned and independent-owned, and equally qualified to handle your belongings:

John Ferguson Moving & Storage- Address: 50 Walter Jones Blv. #4, El Paso, TX 79906 / Phone Number: (915) 975-5730 / Website: / 30 Days Free Storage / Angie’s List 2020 Service Award Winner / In Business since 2006 / Locally-Owned

Cisco Moving Company – Address: 7320 Alameda Ave, El Paso, TX 79915 / Phone Number: (915) 920-0738 / Website: / Company Founded in 2015 / Family-Owned

Move West Moving Company– Website: / Phone Number: (915) 581-0626 / In Business since 1986

Below, you will read more about the other benefits you can get when you decide to hire a family-owned and independently-owned moving company.

Years of Experience Moving in El Paso

Family-owned and independent-owned movers understand the area and the people they serve and generally have decades of moving experience. With Two Men and a Truck, one franchise may be owned by someone with moving experience while another may not have much moving experience at all.

John Ferguson Moving & Storage is quickly approaching celebrating their 20th anniversary in business moving in El Paso. You can have trust that these family-owned and independent-owned moving companies can handle all your moving needs with little to no trouble.

Personal, High-Quality Customer Service

Receiving excellent customer service should be a top priority. Family-owned and independently-owned moving companies may provide higher quality customer service. There is often an extra level of care involved in how family-owned and independent-owned moving companies treat each individual customer. Their goal is to maintain transparency and an leave an open line of communication from the first encounter until the last items are moved and unpacked.

Check review sites such as Yelp and Google Reviews to see what kind of things people are saying about their experience with the company. A company like John Ferguson on Google Reviews has nearly 300, 5-star ratings. So breathe easier knowing there are quality alternatives to Two Men and a Truck.

Building a Brand

When you hire a family-owned and independent-owned moving company, you can expect them go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. National brand recognition by itself should not be your only deciding factor because companies like John Ferguson Moving & Storage and other family-owned and independent-owned companies also have a brand they are trying to live up to, though it may not be on a national scale.

Two Men and a Truck franchise owners may not be bothered too much from providing a poor moving experience due to their status as a national brand. We’re not implying that these franchises are not high-quality movers. Instead, we mean that franchise moving companies don’t need to worry as much because their reputation has already been built for them.

Why You Should Hire a Local Moving Company Over Two Men and A Truck

By going with local, family-owned and/or independently owned moving companies like John Ferguson Moving & Storage, Cisco Moving Company, and Move West Moving Company, you’ll be provided with a moving experience that is superior to the services offered by Two Men and a Truck.