How To Move A Gun Safe In Your El Paso, TX Home

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If you have a packed gun safe in your home and are looking to move it, you are facing a difficult and a potentially dangerous challenge. A fully packed gun safe can weigh anywhere from 500 up to 2,000lbs. So, the real challenge is moving a gun safe safely without causing any damage to your home and without injuring yourself.

Before getting into the different types of scenarios you may face when moving a gun safe, there are preparations to be made in order to ease the process.

  1. Empty Your Gun Safe: Although this might seem like common knowledge, taking everything out of your gun safe will alleviate some of the weight helping tremendously once you start moving. Doing this also eliminates the risk of damage to your firearms if they were to have fallen inside during transportation.
  2. Know Your Home Layout: Before you begin moving, map out the route you will be taking in your home to the new location where your gun safe will be placed. Avoid obstacles like furniture and tight corners as much as possible. It is recommended to take the straightest way possible in an effort to avoid having to turn and reposition your gun safe.
  3. Gather Necessary Equipment: There is no chance you are going to be able to move your gun safe yourself without the right equipment. It is recommended that you find a dolly with straps that can support the weight of your safe. If you plan on moving a gun safe out of your home you are going to need other equipment that may include a heavy-duty moving truck, reinforced ramps, etc.

How to Move a Gun Safe Downstairs

For moving a gun safe downstairs, you are going to need a dolly.

Securely strap your gun safe to your dolly. The straps are meant to first help you move the safe to the stairs without having to do any lifting. Once at the stairs, point the wheels of the dolly towards the edge of stairs and slowly move forward.

The most important thing here is to make sure absolutely NO ONE is at the BOTTOM of the stairwell or UNDER the safe. Slowly guide the dolly over each stair ledge while having helpers hold the straps to prevent the safe from shifting. Take your time and repeat until you reach the bottom.

How to Move a Gun Safe on Carpet

Moving a gun safe across carpet could end up bunching if not done properly.

The best method for moving a gun safe across carpet is lying plywood down in order to create a large enough surface area that is easy enough to roll on. PVC pipes are also good option to use for transporting your gun safe without causing damage to your carpet.

Moving a Gun Safe on Hardwood Floors

If you have wood floors or a laminate floor in your home, a gun safe can cause a lot of damage if not transported correctly resulting in serious repair costs.

A common tip that people hear is to move your gun safe across your flooring by using golf balls. Although it may work on carpet, the weight of your safe could apply to much pressure on the golf balls below causing them to leave dents and distortion in your flooring.

The recommended method for transporting a gun safe across hardwood flooring is using furniture sliders or by laying plywood down on your flooring and using a dolly to transport it across your home. If using plywood, it is important to have a large enough piece to distribute the weight.

Hiring a Gun Safe Mover

The best option you have for transporting a gun safe is to hire an actual professional gun safe mover.

Trying to move a gun safe yourself could end up putting your home and yourself in harm’s way. It is best to find a gun safe moving company that has the experience, resources and equipment for moving a variety of safe sizes and weights.

A gun safe moving company will be the best help available for safely transporting your gun safe in your home.