How to Choose Between the Types of Storage Facilities in El Paso

packed storage boxes

Choosing a storage facility in El Paso can be difficult especially if you don’t understand exactly what service is best for you. Determining what factors you should look for will go a long way when deciding the best option for you.

Find out how to choose a storage facility in El Paso that is the best fit for your needs.

Types of Storage Facilities in El Paso, TX

Today, there are many different types of storage options that have their own unique twist on what they offer as a storage service. Before deciding on a facility, it is best to know what each service entails. The most common forms of storage are:

  • Storage Units: Also referred to as self-storage, storage units rely on you to do all of the work. After you choose a self-storage company, you are left with renting a truck and storing your belongings yourself. There are a variety of different types of storage units to choose from in El Paso if you prefer this service.
  • On Demand Storage: Also known as valet storage or home pickup and delivery, on-demand storage is a service where a company comes and picks up your belongings for you and delivers them back to your location whenever you ask for them. This is an ideal service if you need to store something temporarily and don’t have that much free time.
  • Warehouse Storage: Warehouse storage is your complete storage solution. Most warehouse storage companies offer climate-controlled space with top-notch security systems. Your possessions are usually stored within a crate. Companies that offer warehouse storage also offer full pick up and delivery.

Now that you know the common types of storage options, take a look at what to consider when choosing a storage company near you.

Decide What You Are Storing

Have a clear idea of what exactly you plan on storing.

To answer your questions on how to choose a storage company, the first thing you need to look at is exactly what you plan on storing. Knowing the amount and the size of the possessions you are looking to tuck away will help you find a company that can offer you the proper amount of storage space and allow you to calculate a monthly rental fee.

Storage Locations

Convenience is always a concern when storing items.

If you find yourself Googling “storage near me,” then one of your concerns is probably finding a facility that is in conveniently located in comparison to where you live. When deciding on a location ask yourself “how many times do I plan on visiting the facility?”

Typically, if the storage facility is located in the heart of downtown El Paso you are going to end up paying more because of the convenience. Find a location that best fits your needs and is within your expectation for convenience.

Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage facilities are the ideal place for storing possessions.

Most of the time we use storage facilities to store furniture, antiques, possessions, etc. If your items are not in a climate-stable or controlled environment, the hot El Paso weather can have a damaging effect on your possessions. This is important if you are looking at self-storage facilities.

A climate-controlled space will eliminate the possibility of any damage occurring to your possessions, so choose a storage company that has a form of temperature control. Most self-storage units are not climate-controlled.

Secure Storage Facility

Check out the security set up.

open outdoor storage units

Security is another factor you should consider when choosing a storage option in El Paso. Most storage units outside present the risk for potential burglary. Warehouse storage facilities are typically the most secured. Since they are inside and can only be accessed by you or the employees, your possessions will be safe.

See what the facilities have to offer in regard to the security measures they take in ensuring the safety of your belongings. This will help you determine whether or not you will be comfortable storing your possessions with them.

Storage Duration

Consider how long you plan on storing your belongings.

When choosing a storage facility, ask about duration and pricing. Most storage companies ask for a contract that requires you to store with them for a certain amount of time. If this option isn’t for you, find a storage company that offers month to month services.

If you don’t plan on storing for the long-term stay away from any company that has contracts that require you to pay for a set duration.

Executive Summary

  • Know exactly what you plan on storing.
  • Decide whether the location is convenient enough for you.
  • Identify whether your possessions need to be in a climate-controlled unit.
  • Consider if you’re comfortable with the security measures the company implements.
  • Make sure to choose a company that is best fit for your needed storage duration.