Long Distance Moving Tips for Your Move from El Paso, TX

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If it’s your first time moving across state lines, you are probably wondering how to prepare for a move this big in size. Not a lot of individuals know how to plan a move to another state, so we don’t blame your curiosity. Although moving might seem like its a generic process, a lot more goes into long distance moves in comparison to local moves.

There’s no need to worry. We know how to plan a big move and have some moving cross country advice to help you become a long distance moving expert. Here are seven effective long distance moving tips and tricks to help you have a stress free moving experience.

1. Make a Long Distance Moving Checklist

The first step in preparing for a move is to create a moving checklist for everything that needs to be done before moving day.

Creating a checklist for your long distance move will keep you organized and on top of the journey that lies ahead. You want to be sure to include every aspect of the moving process including gathering moving supplies, switching over important documents and hiring a moving company.

During your long distance move, your checklist will help you stay on task and eliminate any stress that can come with feeling unprepared. As you cross off each task, you will gain the confidence that you’re on schedule and one step closer to completing your move out of state.

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2. Get Estimates from Multiple Long Distance Movers in El Paso

Do some searching online and research long distance moving companies in the El Paso area.

Having a few moving companies come out to survey your home allows them to provide you with an accurate estimate for all the items you will be moving. This also allows you the chance to get a feel for each company you are considering. Take advantage of free moving quotes. They are beneficial to setting your budget and in helping you choose a moving a company.

3. Hire the Right Long Distance Moving Company

After doing your own investigating, you should choose the best long distance moving company that can fulfill all aspects of your out of state move.

If it’s within your budget, hire a full service moving company that has their own trucks or offers long distance moving options. Find a long distance mover in El Paso that has the expertise and moving experience making across country trips.

It is also worth noting the other moving services they provide. In the moving and storage industry, many moving companies offer other services with their moves, such as packing and unpacking, home protection kits and extra padding for long distance moves.

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4. Update or Transfer Important Documents

When you’re asking yourself how to get ready for a long distance move, the last thing you probably think about is updating your personal documents.

If you’re moving out of state, you are going to need to change your Texas address on any documents, billing statements from utilities or credit cards or any mailing addresses you may have. The same goes for your state drivers license and registration.

This typically isn’t the first thing people think about, making it one of the most frequent long distance moving problems people face. That’s why it has earned a spot on our list for tips on how to get ready for a long distance move.

5. Declutter Your Home Before the Move

One of the most helpful tips for moving out of state that we have found is to completely declutter your home prior to your interstate move.

Moving across the country or out of state is the perfect opportunity to rid your home of anything you no longer need or want. Take the time to go through your closets, drawers, garages, etc. Anything that you don’t see of use anymore should be tossed away, donated or sold.

Not only does decluttering your home minimize the amount of stuff you’re transporting, but it will lower your overall moving cost and shorten the time it takes to pack and unpack.

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6. Tackle One Room at a Time

When asked how to prepare for a move this big in size, the one thing people become overwhelmed with the most is the packing process.

Before you begin frantically throwing everything in boxes take a step back and tackle one thing at a time. The best method for packing is to pack each room individually. This will help you stay organized and give you a sense of accomplishment each time you finish.

A side tip that could help minimize the number of boxes you have is to store smaller items in larger ones. For example: any picture frames or loose decorative items could be packed into desk drawers for transportation.

7. Label Everything!

Labeling is a must when moving. But are you labeling the right way?

Tying into tip number six, when you’re packing each room, you should assign a certain color, symbol or code to that room that you can place on all your boxes. Create an inventory list for each room and mark down the number of boxes you have along with the color or symbol you assigned to that room. That way, when it comes time to unload, you can identify that everything was transported, and nothing was left behind.

Effective labeling will also help you identify where each box goes when unpacking at your new home.

Executive Summary

Follow these long distance moving tips and you will surely become a moving expert! Remember, when it comes to long distance moving, you need to be prepared! By staying organized and working smart, you will have a smooth and stress-free out of state moving experience.