9 Effective El Paso Office Moving Tips to Follow for Your Commercial Relocation

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Office moving is completely different from a typical residential move. There are more steps you need to take in order to successfully pull one off. On top of continuing your office’s day-to-day routine, planning an office move can be an overwhelming experience.

If you have a plan to move to a new office in El Paso, TX you need to be prepared! Follow our office moving guide below for nine tips on how to relocate your business as efficiently as possible and without the headache!

1. Get a Plan Together as Early as Possible

Like most moving experiences, the more prepared you are, the easier the moving process will be. Planning your office move at least four months in advance will maximize the process and minimize the problems with relocating a business.

When you officially decide to relocate your business, create an office move checklist to keep you organized and on task. Each time you check off a task you will feel great knowing you’re one step closer to completing your office relocation.

2. Assign Everyone a Job for the Move

Teamwork is key to a successful office move!

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When planning your move, get everyone in the office involved. Not only will this maximize the moving process, but it will also be a great team building opportunity with everyone working together. Something even as simple as assigning everyone to pack their own desks could be beneficial and helpful.

If you don’t have time yourself to coordinate your move, find a reliable employee and designate them as the office moving administrator.

3. Find an Office Moving Company in El Paso, TX

One of the most important steps during any office relocation is searching for office moving companies in the El Paso area.

Look for El Paso office movers that have years of experience as well as a positive customer base. You need a moving company that offers professional office relocation services. When researching commercial movers in El Paso, ask them about their rates and the moving service they can provide.

Choose a mover that can move your business around your schedule with minimal downtime. Find a mover that works nights or weekends. Just because your moving your office doesn’t mean you should lose out on the productivity of your business.

4. Take Care of Tech

Your IT department should be made aware of the move months in advance of your move date. It takes time moving services and preparing tech equipment for a move. This will also give them time to do their own research on the new building specs or codes they need to follow when setting up the tech side of your office.

5. Know Your Current Building’s Rules

Prior to moving, freshen up on your current building’s guidelines on moving. Some office buildings only allow you to move out on certain dates and times. Plan your move around your current building’s moving requirements.

6. Update Your Business Address and Other Documents

Update everything to your new business address including your business cards, website or any other public materials. Make sure any customers or clients you have are aware of your move. The same goes for any vendors you receive supplies from. Having everything updated before the big move will give you peace of mind once you settle into your new office space.

7. Research Your New Office Space

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Even if you think you know everything about your new office space take some extra time to learn more about the location including the dimensions of the office and the amenities offered.

One common problem businesses face when moving is not knowing the actual size of their new office. If you have less room then you do now, it might be best to dispose of any office furniture or equipment you no longer use.

8. Pack for Maximum Organization

The most tedious part of any move is the packing process. However, it is also the most important for ensuring you a stress-free move.

After gathering moving boxes, tape and other supplies come up with an organized system for packing. Start with individual spots in your office that you utilize the least. Pack your current office space, one room at a time and color coordinate the boxes appropriately. That way when the time comes for unpacking you know exactly where everything belongs.

9. Celebrate!

Reward yourself, you earned it!

After such a long process the last step is to celebrate your new destination. Throw a party with your employees welcoming everyone to the new office space. A simple celebration will give everyone in the office a great sense of accomplishment!